Giovanni's work has been featured in international film festivals, publications and media. Please check out Giovanni's IMDb profile here.

His 2013 short film "The Swimmer" was a finalist at the Hollywood Film Awards. His 2015 short film "Terra Continens" was presented during the Biennale 2015 - Venice Film Festival. In 2018 he wrote and directed the short film "Il Grande Presidente", shot on 35mm, starring Lorenzo Balducci and Giorgio Colangeli. In 2021 he wrote and directed his debut feature film titled "Mindemic", that has been theatrically released in 2022 and was nominated in Italy for numerous awards.

Giovanni currently works in Rome (Italy), Los Angeles (USA) and Perth (Australia). He's the founder of the movie production company Magnet Films.

For more information on Giovanni's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities or just to say hello, feel free to send a message.

List of Film Festivals where Giovanni's works where selected in competition

New Orleans Film Festival (USA)

Toronto Independent Film Festival (Canada)

San Diego Film Festival (USA)

Hollywood Film Festival (USA)

Hollywood Film Awards (USA)

New York International Children's Film Festival (USA)

Lucerne Film Festival (Switzerland)

Gasparilla International Film Festival (USA)

Maryland International Film Festival (USA)

Athens International Film+Video Festival (USA)

Madrid International Film Festival (Spain)

Honolulu Film Awards - Winner Silver Lei Award (Hawaii, USA)

Action On Film International Film Festival (USA)

Salento International Film Festival (Italy)

Marbella International Film Festival (Spain)

Breckenridge Festival of Films (USA)

FIRST International Film Festival Xining (China)

International Film Awards Berlin - Winner Honorable Mention (Germany)

Columbus International Film + Video Festival - Plaque Award (USA)

New York City Horror Film Festival (USA)

Flickers: Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival (USA)

Tallgrass Film Festival (USA)

Bahamas International Film Festival (Bahamas)

Cortinametraggio Film Festival (Italy)

Corti in Sala Awards by Vision Distribution (Italy)

Shorts@Fringe – Azores Fringe Festival (Portugal)

Porto 7 – Oporto Int’l Short Film Festival (Portugal)

Great Message International Film Festival (India)

International Thai Film Festival (Thailand)

Short Short Story Film Festival (USA)

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (India)

Radical Film Festival (Germany)

ClujShorts (Romania)

Poppy Jasper International Film Festival (USA)

REALE Film Festival (Italy)

Los Angeles, Italia - Film and Art Fest (USA)

Ischia Global Film Festival (Italy)

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